Idea for the future planing

July 05, 2019
If the world is seen with the eyes of science, it will be visible throughout the universe, through waves, light and sound waves. Molecules of the atoms will be visible in the dark. The attraction between the substances will show the order of distraction. Like a magic city, a wanderer here seems to be playing a bizarre game and spoiling. This is what is seen in the real form of the world, but it is stable, but heavy intervals can be understood as moving in its interval. The substances are visible in their own different colors. But they do not remain stable for a long time. They change rapidly. It is surprising to see the order in which the bacteria run and work in the body. The entire structure of the world is astonishing. His mobility is not understood by ordinary intelligence. It looks like stability. But that is the only error.

If this mobility is linked to life, then we get closer to reality. The point-blossom formed from the combination of sperm and ovum develops in the form of the embryo, respectively. It grows in the womb form. It comes in the world by catching. Infancy, the age of adolescence and puberty arises as it develops in childhood. The slope comes. Agility throws up. The body becomes weak and becomes dead, and the body goes into the mouth of death. The scene becomes invisible and then wanders in the third direction for a new birth. Then the same sequence, then the same speed, then the same destiny. We revolve in the transformation cycle. The day passes, then it does not return. The journey from birth to death keeps the journey continuously. Yet the surprise is that humans consider themselves stable. It does not pay attention to changes and dissolution. It does not even think about the future. The adverse consequences of this mistake arise when the time has passed and there is no other than the remorse.

The idea of sitting in the present and everything of the past is such that even the sensible ones adopt as they do not understand. Changing times also change the circumstances. Childhood status does not remain in childhood. Childhood is a holiday when it comes to adulthood. There is no sign of youth in old age. There is also a man who does not pay attention to the fast-moving change even during the days of sensible and does not think of what should be considered according to the situation. She does not do what she should.

The vision should stay in the future. While adjusting with it, the look of the present should be manufactured. Parents think deeply about their education, marriage, livelihood, and run the necessary parts to make their arrangements when the child is childbearing. Prior to the arrival of the rains, the farmyard is rehabilitated and necessary arrangements are made to repair the roofs. Winters are clamped and the arrangement changes according to the heat before it comes. But in view of the change in life, it is not taken into consideration prior to preparing for the future to be correct. It should be called ideological inertia, farmers do not forget such mistakes. After preparing the seeds, he prepares to take care of the composting of water. If you do not do it yourself then you will not get the opportunity to harvest it. Sown seeds will also go waste
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Human talent is identified during difficulties

July 05, 2019
People who are unethical not be tolerated with theorists, they see that directly or indirectly they are obstructing their self-interest. Contrary to policy support and opposing unity, it hurts their interests. They think this snag should be removed from the way and be nervous. In such a case, there has to be a victim of the invasion of naughty nutrition. Again many times there is such a compulsion that in order to endure  unconsciousness silently, his conscience is not ready and he also becomes courageous to raise the greatest loss in dealing with injustice.
 It is well known that the invader people organize an attack, but the people of the defendants keep sitting in the mouth because of their fearlessness or so-called peace. Forty ordinary people are less relaxed to compete with four bouts. In such a case, the opponent becomes the lone loser and he has to endure many types of trauma due to his own adversity. On  pages of history, countless developments of sages, reformers, and martyrs of various kinds of torture by the wicked are found.
Their flaw was so much that they had expressed unhappiness, protest, and we're trying to eradicate them with unavailability. Non-resistance prevents and it has to be thrown at a hundred times with enthusiasm. Resistance in such a condition becomes mandatory. Then whoever shows up the courage, be ready to bear the injury. For this pre-preparation, it also has to rehearse suffering tolerance.

The life-filled feature makes life lazy and moves the talent into a state of suspense. There are many other disadvantages in a struggling, difficult life, so much is evident that it shows man's brightness. There are rarely any talents emerging from richness environment. This fact is clear in  history of  great people of  world that they were either born in  circumstances of difficulties or they deliberately adopted  life-course filled with difficulties. Rubbing on the stone only sharpens the edge of the knife, the same thing works in the strength of human talent.

During  Gaya preliminary rite, generally  seekers should abstain from food, restraint, fasting, fasting, celibacy, washing their bodies, shaving, doing their own work, sacrificing soft drinks, sleeping on land or stork, It is said to introduce compassion by not bringing it into practice, it is time to take precautions like staying silent for some time. The fact behind this directive is that every practice while exercising the suffering tolerance should keep thinking that it is essential to living the ideal life and to cultivate the nature of enthusiasm and contentment to bear voluntary disadvantages. With the practice of keeping such thinking, the obstacles do not seem unexpected when the opportunity arises, and it is thought that it had to be done, its preparation was being done late in  form of rehearsal.

Physical, mental and financial difficulties are invited freely in Temptation. It is believed to be proof of  performance of devotion towards God. In fact, this god is none other than 'Self-God'. Attempts to reach the stage of God by refining yourself are the real tools. To achieve the same goal, the structure of instrument legislation has been set up. Only after understanding this fact, the seeker will be considered to have element knowledge available.
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Progress is possible towards self-determination

July 05, 2019
For dietary purification, we accept virtuous objects only in our food items. Make rules for not eating more than two times. Do not take other things in between-except drinks like milk, buttermilk, juice, curry. Eat less than hunger. Do not swallow quickly, chew and eat. Keep a day or a week in the week, or feed fruit milk on milk. If the tradition of weekly fast continues, the country's complex food problem can be easily solved. In addition, due to the indigestion solution, the health crisis can be resolved to a great extent.

One day fasting can also be considered as one type of fast. Things like salt, spices, sugarcane are eaten only for taste. Useful quantity - Sufficient quantity of salt shaker etc. It is easily found in food, vegetables, fruits, milk, etc. Taken of these things from above is used not only for health but for taste. Due to the greed of taste, an excessive amount of diet is impregnated and causes indigestion to lead to a variety of diseases. It is also a type of tenacity to control the taste. Without eating salt, sugars, spices, etc., the food will be used for one day even this week, it will be followed by the penance to control the flavor.

The monologue is the second fasting celibacy in penance. From the point of view of healthcare, the opportunities for repetition should be minimal. The precious life of precious life should be avoided by making too much expensive flirting to burn like a whisper. It is the loss of itself and the associate's loss. Considering the importance of transient humor and the importance of strength constraints, it is farsightedness to exercise more and more restraint in this direction. The benefit of this saving comes in the form of physical and mental strength and in that direction towards the spiritual progress, that accumulation gets great help.

More important than physical celibacy is to avoid mental sexuality. Body erosion is rarely done, but due to the anxiety and anxiety of work, the mental deformity and timepiece arise. As the physical strength decreases from work-consumption, morale, and self-reliance decrease from work thinking, it reduces self-power. In such a weak mindset, they did not become the basis, due to which progressive progress is possible towards self-determination. Men should have a holy look towards women and feminine women. Erotic thinking is also considered as psychic adultery and the loss due to it has been considered as a great impediment in the path of spiritual progress.
 In order to protect the mind from sensual thinking, it should be kept in the mind for long periods of holiness. As long as the brain is exempted for an improper thought if the same facility can be given for sophistication, then from that sophisticated mind, no doubt, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, anxiety, despair, fear, etc. To keep the mind filled with thoughts of creative auspicious thinking can be done by taking shelter of self-meditation, spiritual discourse, meditation and meditation, the mind-spouse can be made mature, mature, in which there is no scope for mischief.
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