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Car maintenance tips

Car maintenance tips

Prevention maintenance

This is good day to talk about cars isn't it? Most people with cars complain a lot regarding the fact that a large chunk of their earnings go into repairing cars and fuelling them. It just got me thinking of how many of us go see our mechanics for the sole purpose of practising preventive maintenance on our cars.

It is known that majority of car owners engage more in repairing their cars than maintaining them. Even though it's very important it can be stressful at times.
   For this reason I have composed some common maintenance practises your can do on your own.


Maintenance Checklist

1) Change your engine oil and filters:
changing your oil

   This should be done regularly usually twice a year. You will be doing this to prevent oil contamination. It's advisable to use fully synthetic oil which last longer and doesn't have to be changed as often under normal driving conditions.

2) Servicing your automatic transmission:
automatic transmission

     It is very advisable that you change your the oil in your transmission every thirty thousand miles to avoid major breakdowns. The automatic transmission system is a major part and much importance should be accredited to it.

3) Change the coolant in your cooling system.


     If the cooling system is poorly maintained , it can cause severe damage. It's important change the coolant before it gets dirty because it can ruin the system. This will turn over and become very expensive to fix because;
      (a) It can cause over heating of the engine.
      (b) It can clog up the tiny fins in the radiator.
      (c) In a modern car , it can shut out electrical sensors or the computer system.
How often should I change my coolant?
  This is very much dependent on the type of coolant you use. For example, if you use a conventional antifreeze, It is advisable to change your coolant every three (3) years or every 30000miles.

  With an Extended life antifreeze, in this case, you don't have to change the coolant until after five (5) years or 150,000miles.

4) Battery
car battery

    Check it every once in a while for corrosion build up the terminal head. If there is, use a wire brush to brush it up.
   Also try using a " Battery terminal protection spray" and spay it on top of the battery terminal.
    Battery testing; Allow your mechanic to use his battery tester to check for battery's efficiency ones and twice a year. This is particular important for automated vehicle, as the required proper voltage for the computer system to function or else. It may destroy electrical components.

5) Car wheels

   The tyres of your car are also important as they serve the same function with your feet. The tyres of your cars should be taken good care of. When you notice the wheels aren't properly aligned, take it to your mechanic to do a wheel alignment. Also allow a professional to examine the wheels regularly.

If you check and one on the tyres is deflated.
1) Pump it yourself. Or
2) Change it to your spare tyre: if you have a spare tyre in the car trunk , follow the steps below:

(a) If you are changing the front wheel, make sure you place a stick/stone/rod to prevent car from moving while working. 

(b) Now start dismantling, unscrew your log nuts tyre iron ( it has a cross shape) or a breaker bar (for very tight nuts).

(b) Lift the vehicle with the jack ( Take noticed of where place the Jack by looking underneath the car). 

(C) Gently take off the tyre and put in the spare one.

(d) Screw back the log nuts.

(e) Lower the car, then take the Jack and deflated tyre to your trunk.

NOTE: Don't forget to pump up the deflated tyre , so it can serve as the spare tyre when you need It.

  Yeah, we have come to end of another article. Lesson here would be for you to start paying attention to your car. Read more on cars so you can detect signs when something is wrong. Listen for any unusual noise, check for any light prompt signals at the dashboard region and understand what all the symbols means.

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