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Atheist is who denies belief of god

July 05, 2019
The devotee is to meditate on God. Keeping him foolish, he keeps on removing his mistakes. Kinds of rhetoric Along with the rubbing of the nose by nagging the nose and weaving the net to make its proper inappropriate owl. The bridge of praise binds. Tried to seduce her by offering a scattered gift. It is understood that transactions are carried out only on the basis of exchanges in the practical world, but there are Gods or Gods who can be influenced by the verbal strings of speech and physical well-being. This philosophical mistake creates an atheist disguised as a transit.
 An atheist is one who denies the belief of God if the power of God is not clearly visible on the basis of positivism. The other disguised atheists are those who favor him, want to fulfill the long wide desires for free. The man keeps on breaking the law system, but it is not possible for God to infringe his own self-destructive system or encourage others to do so, so-called devotees make such hope. Eventually, they have to be disappointed. With the frustration and frustration of this despair, they either say the law of seduction is false or make the heart of God's heartless.

Need is to get rid of the myths and to adopt reality. While making assumptions in this direction, we need to think that life-saving is spiritual health and strength. Instead of living in real life, without waiting for death, heaven, liberation, and fulfillment of taste can be continued. Those benefits can be made available, as mentioned by the scientists by extending the significance of spiritual science.
The history of true saints devotees also exists. Finding that worshiping texts may have been theirs - but they have a perfect awareness in the field of life-giving. It did not allow diarrhea. Neither disobeyed the ideal or ignored it. Believing in the sense sensations, by practicing the loyalty of good manners in wisdom and public behavior, any true sense can become a true seeker of life deity. Her gift boon also runs her hand with her hands.

Many scholars of sages, sages, sages, reformers and great people who fill energy in the atmosphere are full of world history. Each of them can be examined by every criterion to see that each one of them has to prove his personality true to the criterion of excellence. In this lesson, no one could attain the soul, nor the divine. Do not make people of these people or people but people worship has been considered as a makeup. Health is the real beauty. From the above garments, it can be decorated with toiletries. It can be considered as a mixture of gold aroma.
 Life-saving is the overall health. Even if the makeup of the worship text is decorated on it, the decorum will increase even more, but it should not be considered that beauty is enhanced by mere makeup tools. If there is any material to be made on a shabby, shabby or dead body, even if some purpose is done? It would be ridiculous to him. On the contrary, if a heart-wielding wrestler is only wearing a pair of wings, then he gets dressed. Similarly, those who make life virtuous can get less time for worship, even then work is done.
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Cultured person can utilize tools perfectly

July 05, 2019
Compared with direct benefits of so-called progress,  devastating evils are far more frightening, which are engaged in dropping the level of human dignity. A downtrodden person or community becomes hollow in itself, falls rapidly in the pit of destruction. This venture gets even faster when finding more resources. The more qualified, the more educated, the more wealthy the person can create more destruction than  illiterate and  unadulterated person can do. It is also doing.

Growth of resources can be helpful only in the uplift of happiness and happiness when the achievements become useful. It is necessary for people to have a proper capsule of decency, otherwise, it will be more expensive than progress, which is used by unethical people for undesirable purposes. The usefulness of the matches is well known but if a person who is making use of it for making a mess, then used to burn the household items, then not only his house, from the neighboring entire village may be consumed by excessive air. Along with the procurement of instruments, it should also be curb that only a handful of achievements has become possible.

Use is done only by gentlemen. An excellent character and cultured person can utilize  tools. Those who have passed, think of  fall and structure of destruction.  more resources they have,  incidence of them increases in  same proportion.

 serious consideration of  facts has to reach  conclusion that  inclusion of  well-being decency in  individual is also necessary as it is a propagation of wealth and merit.

These days,  ability of  people in  making of factories and schemes is linked to integration. In this, he sees  good of society. In this passion, it is being forgotten that  assertion of character idealists is also necessary, with  support given to them to be done with honesty and readiness. Otherwise, if there is no good machine or plan, then the people who have passed, will behave indecently, they will think of personal hygiene measures, become a factory, but they also have the intense talent to run them. If the shotgun is not good, but it is not used to running, then its use will be catastrophic.
No matter how expensive the engine is, the disorder of the driver will remain a crisis for the goods loaded in that car and sitting passengers. Growth of resources can also be stopped for some time, but  need for  creation of authentic individuals is such that priority should be given priority. It should be explained and explained that  progress of  means is not real progress.  loyal person laughs in a lesser way and laughs, but if the arrogance and unintelligibility persist,  vigorous wealth also raises  welfare of corruption and destruction. It is not a loss to show enthusiasm in  progress of  instrument but to keep  personality poor, it may only have to be discarded on that and alleged progress.
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Money is misuse in luxurious life style

July 05, 2019
There has been a lot of progress in the direction of progress in the past. In the field of science, industry, education, and art, so many achievements have been captured that they can be proud of them. If a person is alive five hundred years ago and if he comes and observes  prosperity of today, he will have to be amazed.

Through a lot of missiles and chemical weapons, missiles, a man can destroy the world for a moment. After discovering the solar system, now there are going on continuous flights and efforts are on to explore all  mysteries of  universe.  depth of  sea and  height of  sky is not such a problem as far as human beings not reach.  innovation of inventions is being inaugurated. It seems that if the man is not satisfied until  creation of  crown of creation, it is desperate to get  almighty position and is gathering the chains with the same hope.

An extraordinary production of prosperity has been made within this one century. Even if it is limited to a handful of people? Seeing the splendor associated with fortresses, palaces, palaces, bungalows, it seems that the estate has come from the god of money house and has come to  earth, even if a handful of people are not able to use it. All sides of the art have been engaged in service jobs for provoking animal tendencies.
The literature has been created by the press but it is not that which has read and read  reader's inner spiritual ideals. Many instruments of Loosening have evolved, but they are not able to see the creativity in which people also complete the purpose of Mars. The public has got the benefit of fundamental rights that have been provided in democracy, but their use is being done prominently in undesirable vigilance.

The physical progress of these centuries not be denied, but  main theme of concern is that such persons are not being created; who can make use of achievements along with progress? This is such a difficult question that is open, without which whatever has been earned, everything becomes useless. By negligence, nectar also becomes poison. Misuse of money is helpful only in the promotion of man's lust, luxury, and empathy.
Enhanced thrashing power is motivating to perform incarnation-level work. Science has created the threat of global destruction by developed weapons. Increasing intelligence is going on in favor of positivism and it shows immediate benefits only. Even after some time, its dire consequences must be met. Exercises have motivated one to compete in becoming more narrow-selfish. The growing trend of meat has come to the lives of the birds of the animal.
The frenzy of sexuality has increased to such a level that there is a tendency of a gentlewoman in the middle of a woman who is holding a bridle of righteousness. This is the perversion that has created a crisis of abundance of reproduction and  earth has refused to bear  burden of the growing population. Reproductive disorders can be proven to be more dangerous than the explosion of the atom bomb the next day. This kind of countless fisheries is increasing in the economic, social sectors. Consequently, corruption is presenting the fears associated with the defeat of its fall like the present in the devil. Apart from being confined to the economic sector, it is also being surrounded by social, family personal areas. His impact and pressure on all areas of contemplation character and behavior are increasing.
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Gods love for each creature of world

July 05, 2019

Some other animals that are inferior to the visual potential, the world consciousness has enabled them to give this lack of specific life force and surprisingly. For example, in dogs where color conception is often not equal to, and they can see the world only as dark gray. At the same time, their olfactory power develops singularly. In a dog, approximately 2200 million olfactory cells are found. In human beings, the number of these cells is only 50 hundred thousand, so that only 10 thousand types of fragrances can be identified, whereas dogs have the ability to recognize millions of more odors.
The power to smell weasel is more than a dog. Trained naval uses have been used to prevent drug trafficking at the International Airport of Colombo. The discovery of the goods of trafficking or the detection of explosive material is seen by the amazing potential of these mean-living organisms. The task of training the naval for this work is being done on a large scale in America. Animal experts say that the beetle is a highly sensible and sensible animal. She is able to smell any kind of smell.

Some organisms are also such that there is an amazing ability to recognize the same type of odor of the use of mere private. Like larvae of a type of goat, It receives its food from the roots of grapes. This surprisingly recognizes the odor of carbon dioxide gas coming out of them. From the top of the land, this fragrance is identified by entering the ground and reaching the roots.

The circumstances and behavior of some organisms are abnormal and their behavior accordingly is abnormal. Like night Variance In such animals, there is no special significance of visuals used. Therefore, the grace of the Supreme Being blossomed in the form of another distinct-hearing capacity. Bat determines the condition by resonance 100% accurately. These animals produce certain types of sounds, of which only some are audible for the same person. They can detect their prey by their echoes, while also knowing the obstructions and disturbances falling in the way of flying. Thus, there are safe variances without any obstacles. Each receives guidance through the echo of its self-generated sound and is not confused with the echoes of its other companions. Their up-audible-acoustic sound and echo production and classification process remain a mystery to scientists today.

Injustice animals are insensitive to sensory signs. The operation of their activities depends on them, for example, the bee is first attracted to the smell of flowers. They recognize their shape and color on the basis of leaves. After taking food, they are attracted directly to their honeycomb. Just like in the east towards the flowers. Now any floral, no matter how attractive and fragrant, they not be tempted. Regulatory power has provided a specificity to them. It is a sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. Through this capacity, he is able to determine the exact position of the sun. Whether it is hidden in so dense clouds? With this, the determination process is possible.

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Goodwill is necessary for disciplined family

July 05, 2019
Just as the people who lead in the big area need broad support of the public, in the same way in which those who have to take help in their area, earning their goodwill is the least work which should be done for the success and the wishes of progress. In order to make the family disciplined, well-cultured, progressive and advanced, it is necessary that the level of goodwill increased in that family. After this, it is easy to turn them into any direction to guide them. If miscreants are filled in, then Good advice is also ridiculed and the rebellion takes place in the clutches of discipline. This is about business, business, production, organization, etc. like family. These facts are involved in progressive history. Breakthrough from the sky and untimely success only get to a rare person. The treasures buried in the ground are rarely found by anyone.

If the supervision of the progression of scientists, scholars, wrestlers, rich people, then perhaps only some of them are able to easily get cheap success. All of them have taken shelter of pursuit. Made your temperament both heart and passionate. I have understood the responsibilities and have undertaken to undertake hard work regularly. This supremacy has been found abundantly in comparison to other characteristics in scientists, scholars, organizations, and creators, in which sophisticated personality appears to be working behind the successes.

In the countries of America and Europe, there are so many people whose congenital conditions have passed but their progress has reached the right direction and reached the limit in the circle of success. No matter why the workspace is any kind, there is no achievement of any kind but only one fact works in the core of all those - courage and sweet life filled with devotional responsibilities, affable nature and intimacy goodwill On this basis, they can make contact workers in the field of special associates. His praise can rise high on the basis of co-operation, move forward.

America's billionaires were calculated to last year. The number of people who had wealth of billions of trillions was found to be around 400. Of these, only 5 were those who could get some workable initials in the form of ancestral property. The rest were those who attracted their support by raising their virtues while being born in a state of poverty and influencing those who came in contact with their authenticity. On this basis, their business flourished and continued to grow.

There are 78 women among the 400 billionaires listed above. The education of some of them is less than matriculation. They are not the daughters of rich or wives. He progressed with his free will and diligence. The most effective way in this passage is their sweet temperament, authentic personality, and self-rule adopted firmly.
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Spirituality connects people with god

July 05, 2019
Presently, there are some intermediate moments of past and future, which can be combined with running time. It is a flashing light of good fortune, which should not be missed by the best use of it. Lazy and defiant two demons continue to destroy it. The body should be saved from this attack and it should be done to make a future. It should be thought that due to the emergence of emergency for the next days,

The post-birth and post-death situation should be kept in mind. It has been born after traveling around four and a half million vulva. Its duration is also flexible. The whole age is half the people also do not live. The remaining half is seen in a short life as the cause of premature death. Who knows what happened? Time slips further forward, and the journey keeps moving faster to complete the destination of death. The time of work is that of today.
 Tomorrow, there may be a situation in which a long-term illness or disability can be circumvented. In such a situation, unable to do anything on its own, it may also be that overwhelmingly abusive has to be neglected. These fears should not be forgotten. Vigilance should be employed on the fact that there is no relaxation in efforts to make the future bright. There could not be so much lack in alertness, which would not have caused some embarrassment. Do not do anything to make it happen.

Selfishness is not that which results in disaster. The actual requirement is optional. The maintenance of the body can be done by adopting an average citizen level. Ambitions can be suppressed and can be done in simplicity with patience. On adopting this method, opportunity can be availed for the devotee, which can cause satisfaction, respect, cooperation, and prestige to praise. This has got cosmic profit. Spirituality also connects the bright future of the people and the world. There is no need for profitable resources for the sake of life. There can be a lot of things in their absence. Labor, time is not of less significance, it can also be done by adopting intimacy, generosity, humility, gentleness and service spirit. Service support can be put in place with normal public behavior. This is why God Himself goes away. The ideal can also be connected to normal activities.

It is not necessary that only a memorial should be made permanent. It may also be that life should be lived in such a way that other people should take inspiration to adopt excellence. Leave the road and walk on the highway. This indirect grant is such that the person is not only special, but the inner soul of the entire society can become grateful. The humble and generous behavior of others can be won. Gentlemen's response is only in the form of gentleness. It is such an act to promote and promote this tradition, which generates generous credit. Not only it's own, but the future of others also becomes bright.
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Idea for the future planing

July 05, 2019
If the world is seen with the eyes of science, it will be visible throughout the universe, through waves, light and sound waves. Molecules of the atoms will be visible in the dark. The attraction between the substances will show the order of distraction. Like a magic city, a wanderer here seems to be playing a bizarre game and spoiling. This is what is seen in the real form of the world, but it is stable, but heavy intervals can be understood as moving in its interval. The substances are visible in their own different colors. But they do not remain stable for a long time. They change rapidly. It is surprising to see the order in which the bacteria run and work in the body. The entire structure of the world is astonishing. His mobility is not understood by ordinary intelligence. It looks like stability. But that is the only error.

If this mobility is linked to life, then we get closer to reality. The point-blossom formed from the combination of sperm and ovum develops in the form of the embryo, respectively. It grows in the womb form. It comes in the world by catching. Infancy, the age of adolescence and puberty arises as it develops in childhood. The slope comes. Agility throws up. The body becomes weak and becomes dead, and the body goes into the mouth of death. The scene becomes invisible and then wanders in the third direction for a new birth. Then the same sequence, then the same speed, then the same destiny. We revolve in the transformation cycle. The day passes, then it does not return. The journey from birth to death keeps the journey continuously. Yet the surprise is that humans consider themselves stable. It does not pay attention to changes and dissolution. It does not even think about the future. The adverse consequences of this mistake arise when the time has passed and there is no other than the remorse.

The idea of sitting in the present and everything of the past is such that even the sensible ones adopt as they do not understand. Changing times also change the circumstances. Childhood status does not remain in childhood. Childhood is a holiday when it comes to adulthood. There is no sign of youth in old age. There is also a man who does not pay attention to the fast-moving change even during the days of sensible and does not think of what should be considered according to the situation. She does not do what she should.

The vision should stay in the future. While adjusting with it, the look of the present should be manufactured. Parents think deeply about their education, marriage, livelihood, and run the necessary parts to make their arrangements when the child is childbearing. Prior to the arrival of the rains, the farmyard is rehabilitated and necessary arrangements are made to repair the roofs. Winters are clamped and the arrangement changes according to the heat before it comes. But in view of the change in life, it is not taken into consideration prior to preparing for the future to be correct. It should be called ideological inertia, farmers do not forget such mistakes. After preparing the seeds, he prepares to take care of the composting of water. If you do not do it yourself then you will not get the opportunity to harvest it. Sown seeds will also go waste
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Progress is possible towards self-determination

July 05, 2019
For dietary purification, we accept virtuous objects only in our food items. Make rules for not eating more than two times. Do not take other things in between-except drinks like milk, buttermilk, juice, curry. Eat less than hunger. Do not swallow quickly, chew and eat. Keep a day or a week in the week, or feed fruit milk on milk. If the tradition of weekly fast continues, the country's complex food problem can be easily solved. In addition, due to the indigestion solution, the health crisis can be resolved to a great extent.

One day fasting can also be considered as one type of fast. Things like salt, spices, sugarcane are eaten only for taste. Useful quantity - Sufficient quantity of salt shaker etc. It is easily found in food, vegetables, fruits, milk, etc. Taken of these things from above is used not only for health but for taste. Due to the greed of taste, an excessive amount of diet is impregnated and causes indigestion to lead to a variety of diseases. It is also a type of tenacity to control the taste. Without eating salt, sugars, spices, etc., the food will be used for one day even this week, it will be followed by the penance to control the flavor.

The monologue is the second fasting celibacy in penance. From the point of view of healthcare, the opportunities for repetition should be minimal. The precious life of precious life should be avoided by making too much expensive flirting to burn like a whisper. It is the loss of itself and the associate's loss. Considering the importance of transient humor and the importance of strength constraints, it is farsightedness to exercise more and more restraint in this direction. The benefit of this saving comes in the form of physical and mental strength and in that direction towards the spiritual progress, that accumulation gets great help.

More important than physical celibacy is to avoid mental sexuality. Body erosion is rarely done, but due to the anxiety and anxiety of work, the mental deformity and timepiece arise. As the physical strength decreases from work-consumption, morale, and self-reliance decrease from work thinking, it reduces self-power. In such a weak mindset, they did not become the basis, due to which progressive progress is possible towards self-determination. Men should have a holy look towards women and feminine women. Erotic thinking is also considered as psychic adultery and the loss due to it has been considered as a great impediment in the path of spiritual progress.
 In order to protect the mind from sensual thinking, it should be kept in the mind for long periods of holiness. As long as the brain is exempted for an improper thought if the same facility can be given for sophistication, then from that sophisticated mind, no doubt, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, anxiety, despair, fear, etc. To keep the mind filled with thoughts of creative auspicious thinking can be done by taking shelter of self-meditation, spiritual discourse, meditation and meditation, the mind-spouse can be made mature, mature, in which there is no scope for mischief.
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