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Atheist is who denies belief of god

July 05, 2019
The devotee is to meditate on God. Keeping him foolish, he keeps on removing his mistakes. Kinds of rhetoric Along with the rubbing of the nose by nagging the nose and weaving the net to make its proper inappropriate owl. The bridge of praise binds. Tried to seduce her by offering a scattered gift. It is understood that transactions are carried out only on the basis of exchanges in the practical world, but there are Gods or Gods who can be influenced by the verbal strings of speech and physical well-being. This philosophical mistake creates an atheist disguised as a transit.
 An atheist is one who denies the belief of God if the power of God is not clearly visible on the basis of positivism. The other disguised atheists are those who favor him, want to fulfill the long wide desires for free. The man keeps on breaking the law system, but it is not possible for God to infringe his own self-destructive system or encourage others to do so, so-called devotees make such hope. Eventually, they have to be disappointed. With the frustration and frustration of this despair, they either say the law of seduction is false or make the heart of God's heartless.

Need is to get rid of the myths and to adopt reality. While making assumptions in this direction, we need to think that life-saving is spiritual health and strength. Instead of living in real life, without waiting for death, heaven, liberation, and fulfillment of taste can be continued. Those benefits can be made available, as mentioned by the scientists by extending the significance of spiritual science.
The history of true saints devotees also exists. Finding that worshiping texts may have been theirs - but they have a perfect awareness in the field of life-giving. It did not allow diarrhea. Neither disobeyed the ideal or ignored it. Believing in the sense sensations, by practicing the loyalty of good manners in wisdom and public behavior, any true sense can become a true seeker of life deity. Her gift boon also runs her hand with her hands.

Many scholars of sages, sages, sages, reformers and great people who fill energy in the atmosphere are full of world history. Each of them can be examined by every criterion to see that each one of them has to prove his personality true to the criterion of excellence. In this lesson, no one could attain the soul, nor the divine. Do not make people of these people or people but people worship has been considered as a makeup. Health is the real beauty. From the above garments, it can be decorated with toiletries. It can be considered as a mixture of gold aroma.
 Life-saving is the overall health. Even if the makeup of the worship text is decorated on it, the decorum will increase even more, but it should not be considered that beauty is enhanced by mere makeup tools. If there is any material to be made on a shabby, shabby or dead body, even if some purpose is done? It would be ridiculous to him. On the contrary, if a heart-wielding wrestler is only wearing a pair of wings, then he gets dressed. Similarly, those who make life virtuous can get less time for worship, even then work is done.
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Imagination of events by people

July 05, 2019

On many occasions, it is seen that in the future, the events that are going to occur, whether it is related to personal life, or community life, they are occasionally seen by people. On such occasions, if the visual indication can be taken seriously, it can be interpreted correctly, so many times through these predictions, it is also possible to avoid disaster, and avoid accidents and reduce the damage caused by them.

The incident is from England. On December 8, 1978, a man named Edward Pearson was traveling from London to the train, caught in the crime of traveling without a ticket. When he was caught in this crime and presented in court, the judge wanted to know the reason. Explaining to him, he said, 'Neither did I intend to do this crime, nor am I the person of any kind of criminal, but circumstances became something like that which caused me to be interrupted to travel in this situation. Actually, I was late for a while. When he reached on the platform, the train was ready to go. In this situation, until I went to the ticket window to buy the ticket, it would have lost the train and I had to wait until the second train, but the work was so necessary that I could not wait for the second car and by the said train Without ticket, that's why I stand in front of you now. '

Curiously, when the judge wanted to know what was the work that was, then this situation appeared. So he started to say further- 'In fact, I occasionally get a pre-knowledge of events that occur in the future, and which are often proved to be true. Tomorrow I had a similar prediction that a heavy earthquake in 'Glasgow' is coming soon, which will result in a large loss of public life. I was going to London Meteorological Office, prior to this, so that some casualties can be defended. '

Usually, in such a situation, such things are not immediately believed and it is understood that the culprit is protecting itself. This is what happened with Edward Pearson. The judge did not trust his words and sentenced him. Another reason to disbelieve him was that the earthquake came rarely in the British Isles, but after just three weeks, a daily letter called 'Daddy Courier and Advertiser', in his December 6 issue, 'without ticket In the headlines with the headline 'Vale's prediction', the news has been printed that 'the magnificent earthquake in Glasgow' has caused huge damage to wealth ', and thus finally Pearson's foreshadowing Fact proved. The detailed description of this entire incident is in the book 'The Un Explained Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time'.

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Gods love for each creature of world

July 05, 2019

Some other animals that are inferior to the visual potential, the world consciousness has enabled them to give this lack of specific life force and surprisingly. For example, in dogs where color conception is often not equal to, and they can see the world only as dark gray. At the same time, their olfactory power develops singularly. In a dog, approximately 2200 million olfactory cells are found. In human beings, the number of these cells is only 50 hundred thousand, so that only 10 thousand types of fragrances can be identified, whereas dogs have the ability to recognize millions of more odors.
The power to smell weasel is more than a dog. Trained naval uses have been used to prevent drug trafficking at the International Airport of Colombo. The discovery of the goods of trafficking or the detection of explosive material is seen by the amazing potential of these mean-living organisms. The task of training the naval for this work is being done on a large scale in America. Animal experts say that the beetle is a highly sensible and sensible animal. She is able to smell any kind of smell.

Some organisms are also such that there is an amazing ability to recognize the same type of odor of the use of mere private. Like larvae of a type of goat, It receives its food from the roots of grapes. This surprisingly recognizes the odor of carbon dioxide gas coming out of them. From the top of the land, this fragrance is identified by entering the ground and reaching the roots.

The circumstances and behavior of some organisms are abnormal and their behavior accordingly is abnormal. Like night Variance In such animals, there is no special significance of visuals used. Therefore, the grace of the Supreme Being blossomed in the form of another distinct-hearing capacity. Bat determines the condition by resonance 100% accurately. These animals produce certain types of sounds, of which only some are audible for the same person. They can detect their prey by their echoes, while also knowing the obstructions and disturbances falling in the way of flying. Thus, there are safe variances without any obstacles. Each receives guidance through the echo of its self-generated sound and is not confused with the echoes of its other companions. Their up-audible-acoustic sound and echo production and classification process remain a mystery to scientists today.

Injustice animals are insensitive to sensory signs. The operation of their activities depends on them, for example, the bee is first attracted to the smell of flowers. They recognize their shape and color on the basis of leaves. After taking food, they are attracted directly to their honeycomb. Just like in the east towards the flowers. Now any floral, no matter how attractive and fragrant, they not be tempted. Regulatory power has provided a specificity to them. It is a sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. Through this capacity, he is able to determine the exact position of the sun. Whether it is hidden in so dense clouds? With this, the determination process is possible.

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Honesty is the fundamental basis of progress

July 05, 2019
Complacency goes deep into the intense levels of inner intimacy and it goes along with birth births. The future of a spiritual is not dark the meaning of human life is only in adopting such a mode. There is no need to take such a bigger penance to achieve such excellence. Being able to live a gentle life is also a yoga tool. Which is simple and easy for everyone, too.
The most terrible mistake in forgetting is that forgetting the existence and interest of selflessness can be forgotten. Considering all the desires of the body, consuming everything and consuming them for death. The importance and purpose of life should not be understood. By forgetting the death, the state of its comfort is permanent and the time is lost in those childish children's sports, which have no more significance than entertaining interference. Well, the situation in the time is understood and the future can be used to make spectacular success.
The ambition of moving forward, rising up, setting a record is considered to be admirable to that extent and also becomes inspirational for others when it resides within the limits of the policy. When people adopt impartiality by adopting the exception of immorality, the nature of those progressive efforts becomes like an illusion. In such a way the success adopted is also considered to be prevalent, and the desire to rob the nobility makes people in the eyes of the community and make them disgusting.

High spirituality of satisfaction in our country is transformed into idleness and dishonor. Consequently, not only does the excitement arise in the mind to adopt the progression of excellence. It is understood in the context that in this context, it is imperative to adopt unethical behavior for fraud and dishonesty. They go on the same horrors and thus their valuable authenticity lies in comparison to what they earn. Without pressure or temptation, the collaboration does not accumulate which is the fundamental basis of progress.

The lonely person can grow up to a small extent on his own. There is a need for some kind of public support from business to public-leadership. This relationship should be close and filled with emotion. This is the basis of affinity and friendship. Etiquette is the only benefit from ethics that the carriage continues on its line. Do not hit anyone. Developing it to the level of voluntary cooperation and self-esteem that emerge-it is not readily available. Even if it is necessary to return the returning service help also, but even if that does not happen, then it must be enough that the person is considered as good and honest. Without it, there is no reverence and no cooperation.
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Spirituality connects people with god

July 05, 2019
Presently, there are some intermediate moments of past and future, which can be combined with running time. It is a flashing light of good fortune, which should not be missed by the best use of it. Lazy and defiant two demons continue to destroy it. The body should be saved from this attack and it should be done to make a future. It should be thought that due to the emergence of emergency for the next days,

The post-birth and post-death situation should be kept in mind. It has been born after traveling around four and a half million vulva. Its duration is also flexible. The whole age is half the people also do not live. The remaining half is seen in a short life as the cause of premature death. Who knows what happened? Time slips further forward, and the journey keeps moving faster to complete the destination of death. The time of work is that of today.
 Tomorrow, there may be a situation in which a long-term illness or disability can be circumvented. In such a situation, unable to do anything on its own, it may also be that overwhelmingly abusive has to be neglected. These fears should not be forgotten. Vigilance should be employed on the fact that there is no relaxation in efforts to make the future bright. There could not be so much lack in alertness, which would not have caused some embarrassment. Do not do anything to make it happen.

Selfishness is not that which results in disaster. The actual requirement is optional. The maintenance of the body can be done by adopting an average citizen level. Ambitions can be suppressed and can be done in simplicity with patience. On adopting this method, opportunity can be availed for the devotee, which can cause satisfaction, respect, cooperation, and prestige to praise. This has got cosmic profit. Spirituality also connects the bright future of the people and the world. There is no need for profitable resources for the sake of life. There can be a lot of things in their absence. Labor, time is not of less significance, it can also be done by adopting intimacy, generosity, humility, gentleness and service spirit. Service support can be put in place with normal public behavior. This is why God Himself goes away. The ideal can also be connected to normal activities.

It is not necessary that only a memorial should be made permanent. It may also be that life should be lived in such a way that other people should take inspiration to adopt excellence. Leave the road and walk on the highway. This indirect grant is such that the person is not only special, but the inner soul of the entire society can become grateful. The humble and generous behavior of others can be won. Gentlemen's response is only in the form of gentleness. It is such an act to promote and promote this tradition, which generates generous credit. Not only it's own, but the future of others also becomes bright.
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Exercise and discipline should be start from childhood

July 05, 2019

Human birth surrender is a rare gift. He is the supreme masterpiece of God. This facility was not given to other animals. The only man is entrusted because he will understand his responsibility and utilize this level so that he can turn his incompleteness into perfection. To demonstrate their skills in making the Creator's world garden more picturesque this is the visionary prudence, whose true result can be achieved as the level of happiness and level of the salvation of heaven level.

But all this has to be done when the importance of the present and the possibility of future are taken into account and the program should be made. This can only happen when the changing world conditions along with the world system should be kept in mind. Also, do not make a mistake in determining the bright future. The philosophers have divided the ashram religion into four parts so that the four sides of life, the four intersections, indicate the direction of their direction and keep on inspiring for the effort.

In childhood, keeping in mind the requirements of puberty, the body needs to remain healthy and in order to be trained to develop the brain, it has to stay in touch. Whose childhood could be adopting the right path, should understand that its puberty became able and well-organized. Who has kept the family responsibilities lightening in youth, made the economy workable till the last days of life, should understand that working with discrimination? This is also the time of restraint.
 As interest in exercise and discipline is taken in childhood. Similarly, puberty and patients should be done entirely in puberty. Otherwise, the slipping age will also be painful due to hollowness. It is in the best use of the adult age of recluse that in the sustenance of innumerable ways in which the unbounded collaborations have been received, in order to repay the debt, the people should be engaged in the service of life, in the true tendency conservation.
In this period, the order of making the people of the family self-reliant and culturally almost complete. Therefore complete or incomplete this time should be devoted only to world welfare. The fourth stage was set for retirement. Now, according to the time, it should be added to recluse only. For life's first physical purposes and for the second half of the year, it should be ensured. This ashram system is all the best for the development of personality and the purpose of the advancement of society.

But this determination is not implemented. People remain homeless till the end of the day Except for adopting the ideals which produce far-reaching results, the entire age is often left in self-interest. There is nothing more than greed, attachment, and ego. Efforts are made to bridge the desires of lust, but it is so deep that even after exposing everything, it is not possible to fulfill it. This is the result of forgetting the facts.

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Human talent is identified during difficulties

July 05, 2019
People who are unethical not be tolerated with theorists, they see that directly or indirectly they are obstructing their self-interest. Contrary to policy support and opposing unity, it hurts their interests. They think this snag should be removed from the way and be nervous. In such a case, there has to be a victim of the invasion of naughty nutrition. Again many times there is such a compulsion that in order to endure  unconsciousness silently, his conscience is not ready and he also becomes courageous to raise the greatest loss in dealing with injustice.
 It is well known that the invader people organize an attack, but the people of the defendants keep sitting in the mouth because of their fearlessness or so-called peace. Forty ordinary people are less relaxed to compete with four bouts. In such a case, the opponent becomes the lone loser and he has to endure many types of trauma due to his own adversity. On  pages of history, countless developments of sages, reformers, and martyrs of various kinds of torture by the wicked are found.
Their flaw was so much that they had expressed unhappiness, protest, and we're trying to eradicate them with unavailability. Non-resistance prevents and it has to be thrown at a hundred times with enthusiasm. Resistance in such a condition becomes mandatory. Then whoever shows up the courage, be ready to bear the injury. For this pre-preparation, it also has to rehearse suffering tolerance.

The life-filled feature makes life lazy and moves the talent into a state of suspense. There are many other disadvantages in a struggling, difficult life, so much is evident that it shows man's brightness. There are rarely any talents emerging from richness environment. This fact is clear in  history of  great people of  world that they were either born in  circumstances of difficulties or they deliberately adopted  life-course filled with difficulties. Rubbing on the stone only sharpens the edge of the knife, the same thing works in the strength of human talent.

During  Gaya preliminary rite, generally  seekers should abstain from food, restraint, fasting, fasting, celibacy, washing their bodies, shaving, doing their own work, sacrificing soft drinks, sleeping on land or stork, It is said to introduce compassion by not bringing it into practice, it is time to take precautions like staying silent for some time. The fact behind this directive is that every practice while exercising the suffering tolerance should keep thinking that it is essential to living the ideal life and to cultivate the nature of enthusiasm and contentment to bear voluntary disadvantages. With the practice of keeping such thinking, the obstacles do not seem unexpected when the opportunity arises, and it is thought that it had to be done, its preparation was being done late in  form of rehearsal.

Physical, mental and financial difficulties are invited freely in Temptation. It is believed to be proof of  performance of devotion towards God. In fact, this god is none other than 'Self-God'. Attempts to reach the stage of God by refining yourself are the real tools. To achieve the same goal, the structure of instrument legislation has been set up. Only after understanding this fact, the seeker will be considered to have element knowledge available.
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Progress is possible towards self-determination

July 05, 2019
For dietary purification, we accept virtuous objects only in our food items. Make rules for not eating more than two times. Do not take other things in between-except drinks like milk, buttermilk, juice, curry. Eat less than hunger. Do not swallow quickly, chew and eat. Keep a day or a week in the week, or feed fruit milk on milk. If the tradition of weekly fast continues, the country's complex food problem can be easily solved. In addition, due to the indigestion solution, the health crisis can be resolved to a great extent.

One day fasting can also be considered as one type of fast. Things like salt, spices, sugarcane are eaten only for taste. Useful quantity - Sufficient quantity of salt shaker etc. It is easily found in food, vegetables, fruits, milk, etc. Taken of these things from above is used not only for health but for taste. Due to the greed of taste, an excessive amount of diet is impregnated and causes indigestion to lead to a variety of diseases. It is also a type of tenacity to control the taste. Without eating salt, sugars, spices, etc., the food will be used for one day even this week, it will be followed by the penance to control the flavor.

The monologue is the second fasting celibacy in penance. From the point of view of healthcare, the opportunities for repetition should be minimal. The precious life of precious life should be avoided by making too much expensive flirting to burn like a whisper. It is the loss of itself and the associate's loss. Considering the importance of transient humor and the importance of strength constraints, it is farsightedness to exercise more and more restraint in this direction. The benefit of this saving comes in the form of physical and mental strength and in that direction towards the spiritual progress, that accumulation gets great help.

More important than physical celibacy is to avoid mental sexuality. Body erosion is rarely done, but due to the anxiety and anxiety of work, the mental deformity and timepiece arise. As the physical strength decreases from work-consumption, morale, and self-reliance decrease from work thinking, it reduces self-power. In such a weak mindset, they did not become the basis, due to which progressive progress is possible towards self-determination. Men should have a holy look towards women and feminine women. Erotic thinking is also considered as psychic adultery and the loss due to it has been considered as a great impediment in the path of spiritual progress.
 In order to protect the mind from sensual thinking, it should be kept in the mind for long periods of holiness. As long as the brain is exempted for an improper thought if the same facility can be given for sophistication, then from that sophisticated mind, no doubt, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, anxiety, despair, fear, etc. To keep the mind filled with thoughts of creative auspicious thinking can be done by taking shelter of self-meditation, spiritual discourse, meditation and meditation, the mind-spouse can be made mature, mature, in which there is no scope for mischief.
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