The basis of spirituality achievement

Spiritual science-philosopher has to initiate fundamental changes in his vision. He has to think that man is to use the valuable heritage of life in such a way that body sustenance and public behavior can continue, but at the same time also achieves the ultimate goal of fulfilling spiritual imperfection. Upon reaching the court of God, it can be said that by the purpose for which the security was entrusted, it was used in the right way.

Greed Vijay has to adopt the principle of high opinion of the simple life. The average civil level has to be satisfied in the subsistence. Honesty and diligence have to be dependent on earnings. It is not possible for greedy to fulfill their craving without adopting unity. There is so much prosperity in the world that everyone can get the benefit of the living. The more luxurious the person will spend, he will interrupt others to avoid being equally vulnerable. That is why scientists have called Occupation as a sin. This is the same condemnation of luxurious, archiving and worthless.

The more money can be earned but by remaining limited in the personal subsistence of it, the remaining savings should be invested in lifting the dams, lifting up and promoting the phenomena. Frugal avoids many cases of abuse and incest. Such a do not bother him, for which he has to be embroiled. This is the tradition of sages Brahmins. The gentleness of the gentlemen also flourishes on this basis, otherwise Greedy has to spend all his time, labor skill on this occasion. The busyness remains intact. He does not feel like doing anything or doing something for the sake of fulfilling his life goal. Therefore, the approach to control this first obstacle of life-saving must be adopted by every seeker of life.

Mugs happen with objects and also from individuals. Limiting intimacy to small amounts is the temptation. The vastness of the heart is not enough to live in it. Your body and family will see everything. They have to be trapped in the struggle to die. One of them not even implement the impotent one. Therefore, developing a vision of seeing all of us in all and all others has been considered necessary for life sacrifice.
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