Spirituality connects people with god

Presently, there are some intermediate moments of past and future, which can be combined with running time. It is a flashing light of good fortune, which should not be missed by the best use of it. Lazy and defiant two demons continue to destroy it. The body should be saved from this attack and it should be done to make a future. It should be thought that due to the emergence of emergency for the next days,

The post-birth and post-death situation should be kept in mind. It has been born after traveling around four and a half million vulva. Its duration is also flexible. The whole age is half the people also do not live. The remaining half is seen in a short life as the cause of premature death. Who knows what happened? Time slips further forward, and the journey keeps moving faster to complete the destination of death. The time of work is that of today.
 Tomorrow, there may be a situation in which a long-term illness or disability can be circumvented. In such a situation, unable to do anything on its own, it may also be that overwhelmingly abusive has to be neglected. These fears should not be forgotten. Vigilance should be employed on the fact that there is no relaxation in efforts to make the future bright. There could not be so much lack in alertness, which would not have caused some embarrassment. Do not do anything to make it happen.

Selfishness is not that which results in disaster. The actual requirement is optional. The maintenance of the body can be done by adopting an average citizen level. Ambitions can be suppressed and can be done in simplicity with patience. On adopting this method, opportunity can be availed for the devotee, which can cause satisfaction, respect, cooperation, and prestige to praise. This has got cosmic profit. Spirituality also connects the bright future of the people and the world. There is no need for profitable resources for the sake of life. There can be a lot of things in their absence. Labor, time is not of less significance, it can also be done by adopting intimacy, generosity, humility, gentleness and service spirit. Service support can be put in place with normal public behavior. This is why God Himself goes away. The ideal can also be connected to normal activities.

It is not necessary that only a memorial should be made permanent. It may also be that life should be lived in such a way that other people should take inspiration to adopt excellence. Leave the road and walk on the highway. This indirect grant is such that the person is not only special, but the inner soul of the entire society can become grateful. The humble and generous behavior of others can be won. Gentlemen's response is only in the form of gentleness. It is such an act to promote and promote this tradition, which generates generous credit. Not only it's own, but the future of others also becomes bright.
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