Money is misuse in luxurious life style

There has been a lot of progress in the direction of progress in the past. In the field of science, industry, education, and art, so many achievements have been captured that they can be proud of them. If a person is alive five hundred years ago and if he comes and observes  prosperity of today, he will have to be amazed.

Through a lot of missiles and chemical weapons, missiles, a man can destroy the world for a moment. After discovering the solar system, now there are going on continuous flights and efforts are on to explore all  mysteries of  universe.  depth of  sea and  height of  sky is not such a problem as far as human beings not reach.  innovation of inventions is being inaugurated. It seems that if the man is not satisfied until  creation of  crown of creation, it is desperate to get  almighty position and is gathering the chains with the same hope.

An extraordinary production of prosperity has been made within this one century. Even if it is limited to a handful of people? Seeing the splendor associated with fortresses, palaces, palaces, bungalows, it seems that the estate has come from the god of money house and has come to  earth, even if a handful of people are not able to use it. All sides of the art have been engaged in service jobs for provoking animal tendencies.
The literature has been created by the press but it is not that which has read and read  reader's inner spiritual ideals. Many instruments of Loosening have evolved, but they are not able to see the creativity in which people also complete the purpose of Mars. The public has got the benefit of fundamental rights that have been provided in democracy, but their use is being done prominently in undesirable vigilance.

The physical progress of these centuries not be denied, but  main theme of concern is that such persons are not being created; who can make use of achievements along with progress? This is such a difficult question that is open, without which whatever has been earned, everything becomes useless. By negligence, nectar also becomes poison. Misuse of money is helpful only in the promotion of man's lust, luxury, and empathy.
Enhanced thrashing power is motivating to perform incarnation-level work. Science has created the threat of global destruction by developed weapons. Increasing intelligence is going on in favor of positivism and it shows immediate benefits only. Even after some time, its dire consequences must be met. Exercises have motivated one to compete in becoming more narrow-selfish. The growing trend of meat has come to the lives of the birds of the animal.
The frenzy of sexuality has increased to such a level that there is a tendency of a gentlewoman in the middle of a woman who is holding a bridle of righteousness. This is the perversion that has created a crisis of abundance of reproduction and  earth has refused to bear  burden of the growing population. Reproductive disorders can be proven to be more dangerous than the explosion of the atom bomb the next day. This kind of countless fisheries is increasing in the economic, social sectors. Consequently, corruption is presenting the fears associated with the defeat of its fall like the present in the devil. Apart from being confined to the economic sector, it is also being surrounded by social, family personal areas. His impact and pressure on all areas of contemplation character and behavior are increasing.
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