Imagination of events by people

On many occasions, it is seen that in the future, the events that are going to occur, whether it is related to personal life, or community life, they are occasionally seen by people. On such occasions, if the visual indication can be taken seriously, it can be interpreted correctly, so many times through these predictions, it is also possible to avoid disaster, and avoid accidents and reduce the damage caused by them.

The incident is from England. On December 8, 1978, a man named Edward Pearson was traveling from London to the train, caught in the crime of traveling without a ticket. When he was caught in this crime and presented in court, the judge wanted to know the reason. Explaining to him, he said, 'Neither did I intend to do this crime, nor am I the person of any kind of criminal, but circumstances became something like that which caused me to be interrupted to travel in this situation. Actually, I was late for a while. When he reached on the platform, the train was ready to go. In this situation, until I went to the ticket window to buy the ticket, it would have lost the train and I had to wait until the second train, but the work was so necessary that I could not wait for the second car and by the said train Without ticket, that's why I stand in front of you now. '

Curiously, when the judge wanted to know what was the work that was, then this situation appeared. So he started to say further- 'In fact, I occasionally get a pre-knowledge of events that occur in the future, and which are often proved to be true. Tomorrow I had a similar prediction that a heavy earthquake in 'Glasgow' is coming soon, which will result in a large loss of public life. I was going to London Meteorological Office, prior to this, so that some casualties can be defended. '

Usually, in such a situation, such things are not immediately believed and it is understood that the culprit is protecting itself. This is what happened with Edward Pearson. The judge did not trust his words and sentenced him. Another reason to disbelieve him was that the earthquake came rarely in the British Isles, but after just three weeks, a daily letter called 'Daddy Courier and Advertiser', in his December 6 issue, 'without ticket In the headlines with the headline 'Vale's prediction', the news has been printed that 'the magnificent earthquake in Glasgow' has caused huge damage to wealth ', and thus finally Pearson's foreshadowing Fact proved. The detailed description of this entire incident is in the book 'The Un Explained Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time'.

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