Idea for the future planing

If the world is seen with the eyes of science, it will be visible throughout the universe, through waves, light and sound waves. Molecules of the atoms will be visible in the dark. The attraction between the substances will show the order of distraction. Like a magic city, a wanderer here seems to be playing a bizarre game and spoiling. This is what is seen in the real form of the world, but it is stable, but heavy intervals can be understood as moving in its interval. The substances are visible in their own different colors. But they do not remain stable for a long time. They change rapidly. It is surprising to see the order in which the bacteria run and work in the body. The entire structure of the world is astonishing. His mobility is not understood by ordinary intelligence. It looks like stability. But that is the only error.

If this mobility is linked to life, then we get closer to reality. The point-blossom formed from the combination of sperm and ovum develops in the form of the embryo, respectively. It grows in the womb form. It comes in the world by catching. Infancy, the age of adolescence and puberty arises as it develops in childhood. The slope comes. Agility throws up. The body becomes weak and becomes dead, and the body goes into the mouth of death. The scene becomes invisible and then wanders in the third direction for a new birth. Then the same sequence, then the same speed, then the same destiny. We revolve in the transformation cycle. The day passes, then it does not return. The journey from birth to death keeps the journey continuously. Yet the surprise is that humans consider themselves stable. It does not pay attention to changes and dissolution. It does not even think about the future. The adverse consequences of this mistake arise when the time has passed and there is no other than the remorse.

The idea of sitting in the present and everything of the past is such that even the sensible ones adopt as they do not understand. Changing times also change the circumstances. Childhood status does not remain in childhood. Childhood is a holiday when it comes to adulthood. There is no sign of youth in old age. There is also a man who does not pay attention to the fast-moving change even during the days of sensible and does not think of what should be considered according to the situation. She does not do what she should.

The vision should stay in the future. While adjusting with it, the look of the present should be manufactured. Parents think deeply about their education, marriage, livelihood, and run the necessary parts to make their arrangements when the child is childbearing. Prior to the arrival of the rains, the farmyard is rehabilitated and necessary arrangements are made to repair the roofs. Winters are clamped and the arrangement changes according to the heat before it comes. But in view of the change in life, it is not taken into consideration prior to preparing for the future to be correct. It should be called ideological inertia, farmers do not forget such mistakes. After preparing the seeds, he prepares to take care of the composting of water. If you do not do it yourself then you will not get the opportunity to harvest it. Sown seeds will also go waste
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