Human talent is identified during difficulties

People who are unethical not be tolerated with theorists, they see that directly or indirectly they are obstructing their self-interest. Contrary to policy support and opposing unity, it hurts their interests. They think this snag should be removed from the way and be nervous. In such a case, there has to be a victim of the invasion of naughty nutrition. Again many times there is such a compulsion that in order to endure  unconsciousness silently, his conscience is not ready and he also becomes courageous to raise the greatest loss in dealing with injustice.
 It is well known that the invader people organize an attack, but the people of the defendants keep sitting in the mouth because of their fearlessness or so-called peace. Forty ordinary people are less relaxed to compete with four bouts. In such a case, the opponent becomes the lone loser and he has to endure many types of trauma due to his own adversity. On  pages of history, countless developments of sages, reformers, and martyrs of various kinds of torture by the wicked are found.
Their flaw was so much that they had expressed unhappiness, protest, and we're trying to eradicate them with unavailability. Non-resistance prevents and it has to be thrown at a hundred times with enthusiasm. Resistance in such a condition becomes mandatory. Then whoever shows up the courage, be ready to bear the injury. For this pre-preparation, it also has to rehearse suffering tolerance.

The life-filled feature makes life lazy and moves the talent into a state of suspense. There are many other disadvantages in a struggling, difficult life, so much is evident that it shows man's brightness. There are rarely any talents emerging from richness environment. This fact is clear in  history of  great people of  world that they were either born in  circumstances of difficulties or they deliberately adopted  life-course filled with difficulties. Rubbing on the stone only sharpens the edge of the knife, the same thing works in the strength of human talent.

During  Gaya preliminary rite, generally  seekers should abstain from food, restraint, fasting, fasting, celibacy, washing their bodies, shaving, doing their own work, sacrificing soft drinks, sleeping on land or stork, It is said to introduce compassion by not bringing it into practice, it is time to take precautions like staying silent for some time. The fact behind this directive is that every practice while exercising the suffering tolerance should keep thinking that it is essential to living the ideal life and to cultivate the nature of enthusiasm and contentment to bear voluntary disadvantages. With the practice of keeping such thinking, the obstacles do not seem unexpected when the opportunity arises, and it is thought that it had to be done, its preparation was being done late in  form of rehearsal.

Physical, mental and financial difficulties are invited freely in Temptation. It is believed to be proof of  performance of devotion towards God. In fact, this god is none other than 'Self-God'. Attempts to reach the stage of God by refining yourself are the real tools. To achieve the same goal, the structure of instrument legislation has been set up. Only after understanding this fact, the seeker will be considered to have element knowledge available.
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