Gods love for each creature of world

Some other animals that are inferior to the visual potential, the world consciousness has enabled them to give this lack of specific life force and surprisingly. For example, in dogs where color conception is often not equal to, and they can see the world only as dark gray. At the same time, their olfactory power develops singularly. In a dog, approximately 2200 million olfactory cells are found. In human beings, the number of these cells is only 50 hundred thousand, so that only 10 thousand types of fragrances can be identified, whereas dogs have the ability to recognize millions of more odors.
The power to smell weasel is more than a dog. Trained naval uses have been used to prevent drug trafficking at the International Airport of Colombo. The discovery of the goods of trafficking or the detection of explosive material is seen by the amazing potential of these mean-living organisms. The task of training the naval for this work is being done on a large scale in America. Animal experts say that the beetle is a highly sensible and sensible animal. She is able to smell any kind of smell.

Some organisms are also such that there is an amazing ability to recognize the same type of odor of the use of mere private. Like larvae of a type of goat, It receives its food from the roots of grapes. This surprisingly recognizes the odor of carbon dioxide gas coming out of them. From the top of the land, this fragrance is identified by entering the ground and reaching the roots.

The circumstances and behavior of some organisms are abnormal and their behavior accordingly is abnormal. Like night Variance In such animals, there is no special significance of visuals used. Therefore, the grace of the Supreme Being blossomed in the form of another distinct-hearing capacity. Bat determines the condition by resonance 100% accurately. These animals produce certain types of sounds, of which only some are audible for the same person. They can detect their prey by their echoes, while also knowing the obstructions and disturbances falling in the way of flying. Thus, there are safe variances without any obstacles. Each receives guidance through the echo of its self-generated sound and is not confused with the echoes of its other companions. Their up-audible-acoustic sound and echo production and classification process remain a mystery to scientists today.

Injustice animals are insensitive to sensory signs. The operation of their activities depends on them, for example, the bee is first attracted to the smell of flowers. They recognize their shape and color on the basis of leaves. After taking food, they are attracted directly to their honeycomb. Just like in the east towards the flowers. Now any floral, no matter how attractive and fragrant, they not be tempted. Regulatory power has provided a specificity to them. It is a sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. Through this capacity, he is able to determine the exact position of the sun. Whether it is hidden in so dense clouds? With this, the determination process is possible.

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