Exercise and discipline should be start from childhood

Human birth surrender is a rare gift. He is the supreme masterpiece of God. This facility was not given to other animals. The only man is entrusted because he will understand his responsibility and utilize this level so that he can turn his incompleteness into perfection. To demonstrate their skills in making the Creator's world garden more picturesque this is the visionary prudence, whose true result can be achieved as the level of happiness and level of the salvation of heaven level.

But all this has to be done when the importance of the present and the possibility of future are taken into account and the program should be made. This can only happen when the changing world conditions along with the world system should be kept in mind. Also, do not make a mistake in determining the bright future. The philosophers have divided the ashram religion into four parts so that the four sides of life, the four intersections, indicate the direction of their direction and keep on inspiring for the effort.

In childhood, keeping in mind the requirements of puberty, the body needs to remain healthy and in order to be trained to develop the brain, it has to stay in touch. Whose childhood could be adopting the right path, should understand that its puberty became able and well-organized. Who has kept the family responsibilities lightening in youth, made the economy workable till the last days of life, should understand that working with discrimination? This is also the time of restraint.
 As interest in exercise and discipline is taken in childhood. Similarly, puberty and patients should be done entirely in puberty. Otherwise, the slipping age will also be painful due to hollowness. It is in the best use of the adult age of recluse that in the sustenance of innumerable ways in which the unbounded collaborations have been received, in order to repay the debt, the people should be engaged in the service of life, in the true tendency conservation.
In this period, the order of making the people of the family self-reliant and culturally almost complete. Therefore complete or incomplete this time should be devoted only to world welfare. The fourth stage was set for retirement. Now, according to the time, it should be added to recluse only. For life's first physical purposes and for the second half of the year, it should be ensured. This ashram system is all the best for the development of personality and the purpose of the advancement of society.

But this determination is not implemented. People remain homeless till the end of the day Except for adopting the ideals which produce far-reaching results, the entire age is often left in self-interest. There is nothing more than greed, attachment, and ego. Efforts are made to bridge the desires of lust, but it is so deep that even after exposing everything, it is not possible to fulfill it. This is the result of forgetting the facts.

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