Cultured person can utilize tools perfectly

Compared with direct benefits of so-called progress,  devastating evils are far more frightening, which are engaged in dropping the level of human dignity. A downtrodden person or community becomes hollow in itself, falls rapidly in the pit of destruction. This venture gets even faster when finding more resources. The more qualified, the more educated, the more wealthy the person can create more destruction than  illiterate and  unadulterated person can do. It is also doing.

Growth of resources can be helpful only in the uplift of happiness and happiness when the achievements become useful. It is necessary for people to have a proper capsule of decency, otherwise, it will be more expensive than progress, which is used by unethical people for undesirable purposes. The usefulness of the matches is well known but if a person who is making use of it for making a mess, then used to burn the household items, then not only his house, from the neighboring entire village may be consumed by excessive air. Along with the procurement of instruments, it should also be curb that only a handful of achievements has become possible.

Use is done only by gentlemen. An excellent character and cultured person can utilize  tools. Those who have passed, think of  fall and structure of destruction.  more resources they have,  incidence of them increases in  same proportion.

 serious consideration of  facts has to reach  conclusion that  inclusion of  well-being decency in  individual is also necessary as it is a propagation of wealth and merit.

These days,  ability of  people in  making of factories and schemes is linked to integration. In this, he sees  good of society. In this passion, it is being forgotten that  assertion of character idealists is also necessary, with  support given to them to be done with honesty and readiness. Otherwise, if there is no good machine or plan, then the people who have passed, will behave indecently, they will think of personal hygiene measures, become a factory, but they also have the intense talent to run them. If the shotgun is not good, but it is not used to running, then its use will be catastrophic.
No matter how expensive the engine is, the disorder of the driver will remain a crisis for the goods loaded in that car and sitting passengers. Growth of resources can also be stopped for some time, but  need for  creation of authentic individuals is such that priority should be given priority. It should be explained and explained that  progress of  means is not real progress.  loyal person laughs in a lesser way and laughs, but if the arrogance and unintelligibility persist,  vigorous wealth also raises  welfare of corruption and destruction. It is not a loss to show enthusiasm in  progress of  instrument but to keep  personality poor, it may only have to be discarded on that and alleged progress.
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