Atheist is who denies belief of god

The devotee is to meditate on God. Keeping him foolish, he keeps on removing his mistakes. Kinds of rhetoric Along with the rubbing of the nose by nagging the nose and weaving the net to make its proper inappropriate owl. The bridge of praise binds. Tried to seduce her by offering a scattered gift. It is understood that transactions are carried out only on the basis of exchanges in the practical world, but there are Gods or Gods who can be influenced by the verbal strings of speech and physical well-being. This philosophical mistake creates an atheist disguised as a transit.
 An atheist is one who denies the belief of God if the power of God is not clearly visible on the basis of positivism. The other disguised atheists are those who favor him, want to fulfill the long wide desires for free. The man keeps on breaking the law system, but it is not possible for God to infringe his own self-destructive system or encourage others to do so, so-called devotees make such hope. Eventually, they have to be disappointed. With the frustration and frustration of this despair, they either say the law of seduction is false or make the heart of God's heartless.

Need is to get rid of the myths and to adopt reality. While making assumptions in this direction, we need to think that life-saving is spiritual health and strength. Instead of living in real life, without waiting for death, heaven, liberation, and fulfillment of taste can be continued. Those benefits can be made available, as mentioned by the scientists by extending the significance of spiritual science.
The history of true saints devotees also exists. Finding that worshiping texts may have been theirs - but they have a perfect awareness in the field of life-giving. It did not allow diarrhea. Neither disobeyed the ideal or ignored it. Believing in the sense sensations, by practicing the loyalty of good manners in wisdom and public behavior, any true sense can become a true seeker of life deity. Her gift boon also runs her hand with her hands.

Many scholars of sages, sages, sages, reformers and great people who fill energy in the atmosphere are full of world history. Each of them can be examined by every criterion to see that each one of them has to prove his personality true to the criterion of excellence. In this lesson, no one could attain the soul, nor the divine. Do not make people of these people or people but people worship has been considered as a makeup. Health is the real beauty. From the above garments, it can be decorated with toiletries. It can be considered as a mixture of gold aroma.
 Life-saving is the overall health. Even if the makeup of the worship text is decorated on it, the decorum will increase even more, but it should not be considered that beauty is enhanced by mere makeup tools. If there is any material to be made on a shabby, shabby or dead body, even if some purpose is done? It would be ridiculous to him. On the contrary, if a heart-wielding wrestler is only wearing a pair of wings, then he gets dressed. Similarly, those who make life virtuous can get less time for worship, even then work is done.
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