Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Water Pollution

Water Pollution

What is Pollution
Explained below is Water pollution which is kind of hazardous pollution. 

Water Pollution 

When water body is polluted, it threatens aquatic life on both fresh water bodies, oceans and seas.

Fresh water is polluted through the discharge of sewage and other waste substances from farms and also from industries.

Marine pollution is mostly caused by oil spillage, industrial waste, agricultural waste and other waste matter.

Effects of Water pollution

1) Sewage can contaminate drinking water.
2) Aquatic life will be affected.
3) Gammalin 20 has a killing effect of fishes.
4) It makes water unfit for recreational purposes and swimming.
5) Odours emanating can be embarrassing.
6) Epidemic diseases like cholera and diarrhea are very common.
7) Excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers can drain into the rivers to kill aquatic animals.
8) Thermal heat from refineries, steel mills, breweries, causes increase in temperature of rivers.
9) Eutrophication causes depletion of oxygen in water.
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