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Chemistry: Separation of iodine and Sulphur Crystals

Separation of Iodine and Sulphur Crystals
Learn how to separate Sulphur crystals and Iodine. 

Sulphur Crystals 
Scientific/IUPAC name: MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM) 
Some of the properties of Sulphur crystals includes;
Appearance  - Solid
Odour - Irritating Smell (Like Rotten Eggs)  
Toxicity - Non-toxic (Organic Sulphur Crystals) 
Needed in Body - Yes

Benefits of Sulphur crystals 
1) It increases enzyme production within the body. 
2) Sulphur adds oxygen, it has anti- cancer properties as well. 
3) It helps in pain relief. 
4) It aids the pancreas increase insulin production.
This chemical element has the following;

Appearance  - Metallic gray (Solid), Violet (as Gas) 
Odour - Irritating Odour 
Toxicity - Yes (only small quantities is needed in Body, large doses can l
Needed in Body - Yes

Benefits of Iodine 
1) It is needed in the right amount in our diet, as it is part of our thyroid hormones (not consuming enough will be harmful). 
2) Iodine has anti bacteria properties 
3) It can be used to test for the presence of starch, because starch turns dark blue when it combines with iodine.

Mixture of iodine and Sulphur Crystals 
Separation is in two ways;
a) Treatment 

a) By Treatment 
Both elements are soluble in water. Sulfur dissolves in carbon(iv) sulfide (CS2), but iodine does not. So once the Sulphur crystals are completely separated, we are left with the iodine.

b) By Separation Method
Sublimation method is often used to purify Iodine. Learn how Sublimation works

  1. Separation Techniques 
  2. Learn about Mixtures and compounds 
  3. Elements and valence electrons
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