Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Project report: The Design And Construction Of A Mechanical Vibrating System And Energy scavenging from Vibrations

charging circuit


The process of acquiring the energy surrounding a system and converting it into usable electrical energy is termed as power   harvesting. 

 With piezoelectric materials, it is possible to harvest from vibrating system .It has been proven that micro to mill watts of power can be generated from vibrating systems .

The project targets the transformation of mechanical vibration into electrical energy using piezoelectric material. The modeling and design of MEMS –scale piezoelectric based vibration energy harvester is presented. The work is motivated by the need for pervasive and limitless power for wireless sensor nodes. In some mining application, ex: water jet drilling; large high frequency vibration may be present. If successfully harvested this energy could be used to eliminate batteries in wireless sensors. This project presents a model of a piezoelectric transducer; a mechanical Vibration spectrum, the simulation of the model and prototype of power scavenging circuit.


Vibration powered electronic devices have been applied in several commercial project, Such as kinetic wristwatches, smart tennis racket and smart sport shoes. In recent years, the rapid development of micro sensors for various applications including remote environmental monitoring, automotive sensors and biomedical sensors require a miniaturized integrated distributed power supply to reduce potential problems. In many of these micro sensors, power supplies from chemical energy sources are undesirable due to limited shelf life and replacement accessibility. To solve this power supply problem, the conversion of electrical energy from a vibrating source to a renewable storage device, Such as rechargeable batteries or super capacitors can be a potential and promising alternative solution. The electrical energy stored in the storage device can be readily used for low-power ICs or integrated distributed micro sensors.

spectrum of a piezo device


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