Thursday, 10 August 2017

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Revealed: An Overview of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence 

Inventing machines that have closer characteristics to human beings have become major goal of scientists till date.

The machines are made using computational  models that act and think in a rational manner. This Inventions are a mere sign of evolution.

What is artificial intelligence? 

 This refers to machines that perform modified actions and functions. It makes use of Artificial neural network which tries to replicate central nervous system and their constituents; axioms, neurons, dendrites and synapses which are interconnected to form biological neural network.


The subject of Artificial intelligence initiated through game playing, research and man's curiosity of what could be.

The subject of Artificial intelligence relates to other disciplines such as cognitive psychology, philosophy, mathematics, computer science and other related science courses.

Artificial intelligence technology


 There are several functions that machines have being able to perform with the help of Artificial intelligence. These functions includes ;

Knowledge acquisition

  The collection of knowledge from a given knowledge base of existing and new knowledge, is  equally as hard for machines as it is for humans.


  This has to do with the achievement of goal from a given set of initial states to solve a problem. The increase in the efficiency of reasoning depends on how well knowledge is arranged to reduce the steps needed to achieve the solution to a problem.

It determines the satisfiable goal from given set of rules.


Some artificial intelligence machines can carry out planning function to determine the best methodology to follow to successfully achieve a goal. It plans the best route to follow when its given a task.


  Artificial intelligence machines learns how to carry out functions, this is not programmed. They learn how to act by experience just like a toddler would.

Advantages of Artificial intelligence machines 
 1) They can perform functions that Linear programs cannot.
 2) The failure of one element does not lead to the break down of the machine.
 3) They can adapt to their environment easily.
 4) They can learn if taught.
 5) They can be implemented in a variety of applications without any difficulty.
6) It is flexible in its operations.

1) The more complex a machine is, the more processing time it would require.
2) It's use results in an increase in unemployment.

There are several applications of Artificial intelligence and as the World is changing more and more, countries are investing in it everyday. One major advantages of Artificial intelligence is that tasks have been made simpler and easier to perform from the areas of advanced automated health care equipments to mobile transportation (automated trains, drive less cars and so on).

Other applications include.. 

1) Language understanding 
     The availability of different languages poses a major communication barrier. This is why scientist are trying to solve this problems by inventing machines that can translate to any language to aid communication.

2) Image recognition
     This is one of the major applications of Artificial intelligence. This technology is already a major asset in the security and defence institutions.

3) Robotics Navigation
      Robotics have become more useful in this modern times because of it's versatility and flexibility. Robots are slowly replacing human jobs. Lets hope they don't turn evil.

4) Theory proving
     Scientist are using Artificial intelligence technology in the aspect of proving theorems.

5) Game playing 
    Artificial intelligence technologies are often used in gaming placing.

Artificial intelligence technologies are continuously improving the world in various aspects that has either saved lives or made life easier. So therefore, its study is of grave importance.


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