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Hazards in chemical process industries - Chemical hazard

Chemical hazard

What are hazards?

 Situations that poses a threat or causes harm to people, the environment, or property.

 What is Industrial hazard? -

Any condition produced by industries that may case injury or death to personnel or loss of property. Hazards may be dormant, armed or active.


 Prioritisation of hazards involves making visible all risks in an operation, the probability of occurrence and the potential damage.

 Then, what is Chemical Hazard: 

     This is a type of occupational hazard caused by exposure to chemicals in the workplace. It is any chemical that can cause illness, injury, or an emergency.

 It can be divided into; Physical and health risk Chemical hazard may be: Toxic, corrosive, irritant, carcinogenic, mutagens, flammable etc.
Physical and health hazard

Many chemical may cause severe burns, if they come in contact with living tissue. Routes to exposure ingestion inhalation from fumes poisoning explosion

    Duration of Exposure of chemicals

Acute - Short Minutes to hours.
Sub acute - Longer up to 90 days
Chronic - Prolonged /Repeated over days, months & years.
    The effect of the chemicals is independent on duration of exposure, but dependent on concentration and type of chemicals exposed.

Safety measures

1) Wear all required PP Es (professional protective equipment) such as: hand gloves, helmets, eye goggles, safety boots and so on, depending if you will be working with a solid, liquid or gaseous form of hazardous chemicals.

2) Identify the hazardous characteristics of a chemicals using a safety data sheet or a pictogram to know how best to handle them.


 Hazardous-waste management is the treatment and disposal of waste that has the ability of causing harm and damage to people, property or environment if it is left untreated or wrong fully disposed.

Characteristics of untreated hazardous waste.

  • Reactivity 
  • Radioactivity 
  • Ignitable 
  • Corrosive 
  • Infectiousness 
  • Toxicity

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