Friday, 10 March 2017

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General maintenance of film rollers of a machine

Maintenance of film rollers.
This part of an industrial machine contain a certain number of rollers rotating at different speeds. If a film passes through these rollers, it would be stretched out length-wise or width-wise depend on its specification and function. In most cases, the occurs at high temperature for smooth operations and the bearings and materials used must be able to withstand the set temperatures.

Learn how to maintain the film rollers of your equipment and keep the in excellent condition. This part of an equipment is found in fill/seal packaging machinery used in the paper or plastic industry.
    Be sure to also put safety first in any maintenance carried out.


  • To maintain standards
  • To minimise waste
  • For easy sealing
  • To stretch out fibres

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                                   Safety Check:      
           (1) Use vacuum cleaner to clean.               
 (2)  Wear all your protective wears (eye goggle, hand gloves, nose mask, an overall )

Eye Goggle, Nose Mask

Inspect/Clean The Film Rollers

Ensure Free Movement Of The Film Rollers.
1. Put on all required recommended professional and protective equips.
  1. Check for buildup on the Film Rollers.
3. Check if the Films are moving Freely and Properly without friction.
4. Check the rollers have any dent on its surface.
5. If there's build up on the Film Rollers Use clean rag to Thoroughly Clean The Film Rollers.

·         Oil level check
·         Oil consistency check

 The is basically just a general means of maintaining machine film rollers. The are numerous machine design, dimensions, materials of construction etc. In most cases, these rollers may be made of metal alloy, because of its Strength and ability to withstand high temperatures, but some other manufacture may decide to use other materials that best fits their design. Remember to always read the machine manuals.


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