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Maintenance of a Vertical sealing jaw

vertical sealing jaws


-The vertical seal jaws.

Learn how to maintain the vertical sealing jaws of your equipment and keep the in excellent condition. This part of an equipment is found in vertical form/fill/seal packaging machinery.
   This preventive maintenance is carried out for your equipment or machine with sealing jaws. Be sure to also put safety first in any maintenance carried out.


  • To maintain standards of your equipment
  • To minimise waste
  • For easy sealing
  • For product safety

Preventive maintenance may also require that you to replace some minor parts once in a while to prevent unforeseen circumstance. It is better you spend money on the little things to avoid breaking the bank trying to repair the little things.

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How to maintain your horizontal sealing jaws

safety alert
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Safety Check:      (1) Use vacuum cleaner to clean.
                             (2)  Wear all your protective wears (eye    goggle, hand gloves, nose mask, an overall )

Tools:  Eye Goggle, Nose Mask

Task:   Inspect The Horizontal Sealing Jaws

Why:  To ensure proper Horizontal Sealing of Sachets.
           1. Put on all required recommended professional and protective equips.
           2.Look properly at the surface of the jaws for  any build ups
           3.They Can be Ink Build Up or Powder Build Up on the Jaws
           4.Inch The machine to stop the jaw from rotating to inspect each jaws.
           5.If cleaning is needed carry out cleaning task
           6.Put on all required recommended professional and  protective equipments.
           7.Look properly at the surface of the jaws for  any build ups

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