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Changing oil and oil level check Step by step practice

oil check

  • Oil level check
  • Oil consistency check
  • changing your oil

This is general maintenance tip and it is the most inexpensive of them all for your car or other equipment with a gear box. 

It is very advisable to have regular oil change done on your equipment at a relatively low cost. It might be a cause of you having to replace an important part.

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Why should I change my oil

    Oil changing is very important in any equipment. It helps keep components working smoothly. Secondly, the inside of a gear box or engine, oil helps draw heat away from the combustion chamber and creates a cooling effect to prevent overheating. Lastly, it helps prevent carbon and varnishes from accumulating in the engine and gear box.

Preventive maintenance may also require that you to replace some minor parts once in a while to prevent unforeseen circumstance. It is better you spend money on the little things to avoid breaking the bank trying to repair the little things.

How often should I change my oil

    This depends on how or where you drive or use your equipment, it will influence how often you need to change your oil. Factors include extreme heat, towing a trailer and driving or operating where there's dust and sand. It is generally advisable to inspect your oil as often as possible for particle settling by carrying out oil check level and oil consistency check.

changing oil

Safety Check:      (1) Use vacuum cleaner to clean.
                             (2)  Wear all your protective wears (eye    goggle, hand gloves, nose mask, an overall )

Tools:  Clean cloth, Hand Gloves, Eye Goggle, 27mm Ring Spanner

Task:   Changing The Oil.

Why:  To prevent contamination and Damage to the Gear Unit or engine
Procedures:        (1) Put on all required recommended Handling protective equipment.
                        (2) Place a suitable container underneath the Oil drain Plug.
                             (3) Remove the Oil fill Plug and the Oil Drain Plug.
                             (4) Drain all the Oil
                             (5) Re-insert the Oil Drain Plug.
                             (6) Fill in new Oil of the same type via the Oil fill    Plug:
 (a).  Use a funnel to fill the Oil .
 (b). Fill the Oil according to the quantity specified on the name plate. The Oil quantity specified on the nameplate is an approximate value.
                              (7) Confirm the Oil level using the sight gauge .

Task 2

Tools:               Hand Gloves, Eye Goggle, Small Size Pipe Wrench.
Task:                Oil Level Check

Why:                To ensure correct operation & avoid damage to the gear unit.

Procedures:          (1) Unscrew and remove the Oil dipstick.
                              (2) Clean the Oil Dipstick and re-insert it by turning it hand-tight into the Gear unit up to the stop.
                              (3) Remove the Oil dipstick and check the Oil Level.
                              (4) If the Oil Level is too low, then: (a). Open the Oil fill Plug.  (b). Fill in new Oil of the same type via the Oil fill plug up to the mark. ©. Screw in the oil fill Plug.

                             (5). Insert the Oil dipstick.

     Task 3

Tools:         Clean cloth, Hand Gloves, Eye Goggle, 27mm Ring Spanner.

Task:           Oil Consistency Check.

Why:          To prevent contamination and Damage to the Gear Unit.
Procedures:        (1) Determine the position of the Oil drain plug and place a container underneath.
                            (2) Unscrew the Oil drain Plug slowly and take an Oil sample. 
                             (3) Re-insert the Oil Drain Plug.
                             (4) Check the Oil Consistency:
     (a).  If you see that the Oil is heavily contaminated, change the Oil even if this is outside the specified Oil change intervals.

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