Tuesday, 18 October 2016

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Draw-off belts Maintenance

maintain your belts

General Maintenance of draw-off belts

This is a general maintenance tip for a packaging manufacturing machine used to separate product into different bags. A properly tensioned belt ensures smooth operation and extends the service life of fans, motors etc. 

It is very advisable to have regular maintenance done on your equipment because you will be saving cost in the long run when you compare it to breakdown cost. It might be a cause of you having to replace an important part.

Preventive maintenance may also require that you to replace some minor parts once in a while to prevent unforeseen circumstance. It is better you spend money on the little things to avoid breaking the bank trying to repair the little things.

You should always be prepared for the worse case scenario when carrying out maintenance; therefore you should be Careful while working. On any equipment, large scale or small scale, it is advisable you turn off the machine or equipment to avoid fatal accidents. Lock the starter with padlock or tag the power supply area, so anyone who passes and doesn't see you, would be aware that maintenance is in progress.

Safety Check:               (1) Use vacuum                                                 cleaner to clean.
                                        (2)  Wear all your                                               protective wears (eye goggle, hand gloves, nose mask, an   overall )

 Tools:                           Screw driver, spanner (as specified in the manual).

 Task:                            To set the tension of the draw-off belts.

Why:                               To ensure correct operation of the film transport unit, To prevent                                            breakdown of the
                                    machine, for proper running of the machine, to maintain                                                              manufacturer's standard
Procedures:                 (1) Turn off the machine
                                       (2) Locate the cap nut and loosen it a little.
                                       (3) Take care not to loosen the other nuts as that                                                                       would cause the vertical setup of the
                                       belt in relation to the forming tube to be lost.
                                       (4) Turn the screw close to the cap nut region                                                                           clockwise to increase the tension.
                                       (5) Tight the screw cap nut again after the correct                                                                     tension has been reached.
                                      (6) Make sure the gear wheel close to the cap                                                                            nut is in a horizontal position.

Caution:                     The draw-off belts must neither be too loose or too                                                                      tight.

Task 2

Tools:                       Screw driver, spanner (as
 specified in the manual).

Task:                        To remove and replace draw-off belts.

Why:                        It has worn out, To put back into good working                                                                          
conditions, To maintain standard.

Procedures:            (1) Carefully loosen the cap  nut.          
                                 (2) Then loosen the screw close to the cap nut.
                                 (3) Install a new draw-off belt in reverse order.

Caution:                 (1) If the gear Wheel is loosened the belt would be                               loose.
                                 (2) The draw-off belts are of different tension left and                                right.


    Prevention maintenance is key to improve the life span of any machine. A machine can never be 100% efficient because of several factors. One day your equipment will break down whether you like it or not but wouldn't it rather be later other than sooner.

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