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Chemical Engineering project topics

chemical engineering projects

List of Chemical Engineering project topics
   This would help you if you are a major in chemical engineering or other related courses. This compilation of chemical engineering project topics covers various aspects such as: extraction, adsorption, biochemical and other major aspects, that would help suggest to you various projects that you can experiment on as an engineer.

Reason for carrying out Projects
·         Final year credits
·         For hands-on practical knowledge
See below for the lists...

·         Extraction of metals from ores using bacteria
·         Thermophiles micro-organism in extraction of metals from ores
·         Aqueous and enzymatic processes for edible oil extracts
·         Extraction of oil from micro algae for bio-diesel production
·         Liquid-liquid extraction of aluminium and gallium
·         Extraction of essential oil from aromatics herbs using microwave heating and dry distillation
·         Extraction of protein and amino acids from rice bran by sub critical water hydrolysis
·         Extraction of coal with CS 2-N-methyl -2-pyrimidine mixed solvent at room temperature
·         Extraction of iron from plant leaves 
·         Extraction of uranium from sea water
·         Extraction of furfural from corn cobs or wheat Bran's
·         Extraction of perfume from lemon grass
·         Extraction of caffeine from tea or coffee

·         Enzymatic treatment to enhance oil recovery from olive, avocado, or coconut pastes
·         Enzyme assisted extraction of oil from oil seeds
·         Purification of substances from microbial activities
·         Process of fermentation by enzymes
·         Production of biomass from waste
·         Microbial treatment of metal pollution
·         Cleaning action of enzymes in detergents
·         Application of Box-Behnken design for optimisation of citric acid production from corn starch using aspergillus Niger
·         Modelling and simulation of citric acid production from corn starch hydrolysate using aspergillus Niger.
·         Global sensitivity analysis and meta modelling of an ethanol production process
·         Prevention of bio deterioration of crude oil in tanks using antimicrobial agents

·         Adsorption of gases on plane surfaces of glass, mica, and platinum
·         Dye removal from aqueous solution by adsorption on treated saw dust
·         Hydrogen sulfide removal from bio gas by zeolites adsorption
·         Adsorption of carbon(IV)oxide (CO2) on molecular sieves and activated carbon
·         Surface modification of a granular activated carbon by citric acid for enhancement of copper adsorption
·         Adsorption of recycled rubber from scrap tyres aqueous solution
·         Bleaching palm oil using activated charcoal
·         Adsorption of ethyl benzene from aqueous solution using recycled rubber
·         Adsorption of palm oil with synthetic adsorbent coal

·         Thin layer modelling of black tea
·         Synthesis and characterisation of silica aerogels by novel fast ambient pressure drying process
·         Chitosan micro spheres prepared by spray drying
·         Micro encapsulation by spray drying
·         Production of yam, plantain or cassava flour

                                                      MORE PROJECTS
·         Depolarisation of industrial waste water from soft drinks company
·         Modelling the kinetics of steam distillation of essential oils from lemon grass
·         Hydrolysis of acetic an hydride to produce acetic acid
·         Roofing sheets produced from corn cobs
·         Production of lever soaps
·         Production of high quality bar soap and compare with detergents

Make your pick or modify it to suit you, the options are endless. If you liked this article kindly share this, if you have any additions or suggestions comment below.


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